18 April, 2016 Consultant Physician Lim Xiang Jun

Lifting the veil of acupuncture slimming

In  modern Singapore, western medical aesthetic centres that offer high technology and fast methods such as laser treatment, liposuction, cryoliposis (fat freeze), ultrasound melting, digestion mimicking pills etc. have long dominated the market for people seeking for slimming solutions.

So when traditional methods, like acupuncture, are suggested, scepticism tends to surface – “How is it that poking yourself with multiple needles can slim you down?” and “Should this option that requires more of your time and effort have an edge over those with an easier way out?”

Here, I shall unveil the mystery behind this century-old method for slimming and why this method rises above the rest for helping you shake off that flab and get you toned up.


We all know that weight gain is caused by an increase in ‘input’ and a decrease in ‘output’.

In this case, an increase in ‘input’ refers to an excess in daily food intake, and a decrease in ‘output’ refers to insufficient energy being burnt.

As a rule of thumb, one would need to decrease his/her input and increase his/her output to lose weight.


Reducing ‘input’: Acupuncture conditions gastrointestinal functions

Acupuncture is capable of tackling the first issue of excess daily food intake by conditioning and regulating the gastrointestinal (stomach & intestines) functions.

Acupuncture does this by stimulating certain acupoints that tones the muscular sphincter or “gateway” which food passes from the stomach to the small intestine. With the digestion process stretched out, your appetite is controlled as you take longer to feel hungry. Thus, leading to a reduction in ‘input’.


Reducing ‘input’: Acupuncture reduces cravings

Another way for acupuncture to reduce ‘input’ and food intake is by reducing your food cravings.

This is achieved through the stimulation of certain acupoints paving to the appetite suppression region in one’s brain.


Reducing ‘input’: Acupuncture improves the sensitivity of taste and smell

In this day and age, people are less sensitive in their sense of taste and smell. This is because our sensory system is often overly stimulated and desensitised with excess chemicals and synthetic flavourings.

Acupuncture can reverse the desensitisation of taste and smell by aiding in regeneration and renewal of the nerve endings of the sensory systems. When you can taste and smell better, you will be able to enjoy natural flavours better. By being able to enjoy the full flavour, one can attain greater satisfaction from a standard portion of food and not crave for more to fill up the sensory void in eating experience.

Also, this dismisses the need for tastier meals, additional seasoning and condiments which contribute to extra calories.


Reducing ‘input’: Acupuncture calms the nerves

People who are over-stimulated in their nervous system tend to crave for certain food and overeat, as food is usually sought as an outlet to ease stress. Acupuncture exerts a calming effect on the nervous system, which helps one be more clear-minded when it comes to food choices.

By doing so, you’ll be able to consume what your body needs, and not what your body wants.


Increasing ‘output’: Acupuncture increases bodily metabolism

Metabolism, as the obvious ‘output’ referred above, simply means burning off food intake for energy.

One of the most important aspect in losing weight, acupuncture increases bodily metabolism by stimulating the thyroid glands to produce hormones that govern the metabolism of every cell in the body. By doing so, each cell utilises more energy from food for various bodily functions. This also leads to a more efficient and healthier body system.

This is how acupuncture increases the“output”.


Not only will you gradually weigh less on scales, you are solving deeper internal bodily issues by empowering your body to function correctly and healthily. Instead of tackling targetted flabs and ‘burning’ fat cells, acupuncture looks at the body system as a whole. When your body is healthy and balanced, it will be capable of shedding the excess and unnecessary, keeping itself in a good shape.

Though acupuncture means a longer journey towards weight loss, the gradual body re-adjustment also means that chances of rebound weight are kept at a minimal. Instead of scraping the surface of the problem, acupuncture improves one’s health and well-being in the long run.

Shedding that extra flab is but only one of the many benefits that one can get with this traditional time-tested slimming method.

Article by Consultant Physician, Dr Lim Xiang Jun


Note: Information provided is not a substitute for a physician or any form of medical care. Individual symptoms differ due to different body constitutions and diagnosis. One should consult a licensed TCM practitioner for accurate diagnosis and treatment.


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About the Author

Consultant Physician Lim Xiang Jun Dr Lim Xiang Jun is a registered TCM practitioner in Singapore since 2010. She holds a Doctorate (PhD) and Master Degree in Acupuncture and a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine (Chinese Medicine) from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. She also graduated with First-Class Honours in B.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences from Nanyang Technological University Singapore.

Comments (10)

  1. Carol

    Hi Doctor,

    I have cysts and fibroid growth and eczema since young,and due to the growth of the fibroid and cysts, I have been putting on weight and unable to shed it off. i would like to check if this accupunture is suitable for me with some many health issues.


      Hello Carol,

      May we check if you have removed your cysts and growths? It is still advisable to have a consultation with a physician first to understand your condition better. Usually, for more complicated issues, we may recommend herbal prescription as well.

      If you’re dropping by, do bring along your medical reports (if any)!

  2. Eileen

    Hi ,
    Can it still slim down if already menopause and having hypotherism with in take medicine 75mg for over 20 years

    Thank you.


      Hello Eileen,

      Yes, you can still go for the Acupuncture Slimming programme. In fact, Acupuncture will be able to help with your Hypothyroidism too!

      Like with every case, it is recommended to go for a consultation with a physician so that they can do a better assessment and recommend a treatment plan.

      Hope this helps!


      Hello Jaslyn,

      Acupuncture can be done on patients from as young as a toddler. However, at PULSE, we’ll require parent’s consent from patients below 18 years old. Hope this helps!


      Hi Jo,

      The first trial is priced at $68. After which, if you wish to continue this acupuncture slimming journey with us, it costs $1500 for a package of 10 sessions.

      Hope this helps!


      Hi Marianne,

      Everyone requires a different number of sessions, depending on their body. It’ll be advisable to consult our physician first, who can better advise you. Most of our patients require at least 10 sessions.

      I hope this helps!

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