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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, TCM can treat sinus. Firstly, we will need to do a consultation to understand the body constitution and what causes the sinus. From there, we will recommend the most appropriate treatment. Typically, both acupuncture and medication are needed.

Yes, Acupuncture is very effective in improving eyesight and Myopia. Acupuncture can relax the eye muscles, improve blood circulation and strengthen the optic nerve.

Acupuncture + Cupping or Tuina are usually administered, depending on your preference as well as advice from the physicians.

Shortness of breath is​ ​usually​ ​a manifestation of the weaker functioning of the lungs and the heart.​ ​TCM will be able to help your organs go back into equilibrium.

The inherited hyperhidrosis is an indication of lack of ‘Qi​​’,​ ​weak immune (lung) constitution​ ​or excessive ‘Fire’. Acupuncture, coupled with medication, can help to balance what is deficient or excess.

Yes, TCM can treat insomnia and low-quality sleep. It is advisable to visit a physician soon. Ample good-quality sleep in very important in one’s health!

Yes, TCM can help! A common cause of water retention would be a weak spleen and/or poor digestion – treatments will vary based on the physician’s analysis.

By needling the area of concern, Acupuncture stimulates cells to produce new collagen and elastin fibres to smoothen out wrinkles.

Our physicians will advise on a diet plan, but there is no strict diet to follow.