Physician Chelsea Tan

TCM Physician/Management Trainee

Double Degree (Honours with Merit): Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences & Bachelor of Medicine (Chinese Medicine), Nanyang Technological University and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Chelsea’s knowledge and passion for TCM grew as she witnessed the diversity of TCM holistic treatments as well as its effectiveness when East meets West. During her two years of internship at Dong Fang Hospital, Beijing, Chelsea honed her skills and gained experience under the guidance of different mentors.

Being a beneficiary of TCM herself, she can empathise with her patients and hopes to reach out to more people and share with them that TCM is more than its usual stereotypes like herbal tea and treating sprains.

Chelsea’s warm and amiable disposition provides a harmonious ambience for patients. She values the importance of establishing a good patient-physician relationship to increase effective communication and understanding so as to achieve better treatment results. Being a passionate learner, Chelsea continues to seek ways to improve herself to provide the best treatment for her patients.

What does it mean to have a cold womb

Have you ever wondered why Chinese elders or TCM physicians always give the same old advice not to drink cold water, especially to women during their menstrual periods?

Having a cold womb is a very common phenomenon in Singapore. This is due to the bad habits cultivated from living in a warm summer weather throughout the year. Most people tend to indulge in iced beverages, “cold” food like salads and sushi, staying in air-conditioned rooms for long hours and wearing trendy clothes that expose a lot of skin  like crop tops and mini skirts/shorts. These lifestyle habits may eventually lead to a cold womb.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Botanical hair tonic is a rising trend: A breakdown of PULSE Hair Tonic

The use of herbal hair tonics, amongst other medicinal options, have been rising in popularity to combat hair loss due to its safety and ease of use. Chinese herbs have a long history of treating hair and scalp conditions such as premature greying of hair, hair loss and weakened scalp. 

Our hair tonic is formulated by concentrating a family of herbal actives and enriched with smoothing oils to increase hair density, promote healthy scalp and prevent hair loss. We break down the benefits of the combination of these herbs in the hair tonic.

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