Physician Klaryce Lim

TCM Physician

Double Degree (Honours with Distinction): Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences & Bachelor of Medicine (Chinese Medicine), Nanyang Technological University and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Physician Klaryce Lim graduated with double degrees in Biomedical Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine from Nanyang Technological University and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine respectively. She was a scholarship recipient of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Foreign Student Scholarship.

Having been exposed to TCM since a young age, Klaryce has experienced first-hand the healing properties of TCM. As a physician now, she aspires to share her knowledge and hopes that more people can benefit from using TCM. Klaryce strongly believes in treating the body holistically and tailors individualised treatments for all of her patients.

Physician Lim’s expertise: General Wellness, Pain & Injury management, Women’s Health.

Optimise Your Peak Performance In Sports Through TCM

With competition amongst athletes getting fiercer than ever, more and more athletes are looking for alternatives like TCM to enhance sporting performance. Intensive workout can lead to muscle soreness, strain, sprain or even trigger old injuries.

Physician Klaryce shares with us how TCM can help to speed up the process of recovery and regulate overall body wellness to improve the athletic capacity of the body.

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Lower Back Pain Management

Lower back pain (LBP) has become increasingly prevalent and affects people from all walks of life. It is characterised by pain localised in the region between the lower margins of the 12th rib and the gluteal fold. 

LBP is commonly associated with our lumbar vertebrae or the muscles and nerves surrounding it. The lumbar vertebrae are the larger and heavier segments of our spine. It supports the upper body weight while allowing movements around the area. 

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