Quirky Beliefs from our Singaporean Mothers (Food Edition)


Growing up in Singapore, most of us obediently abided by quirky beliefs from our mommy dearest that have been passed down for generations. From “Girl ah. You’re coughing, don’t eat chicken.” to “Aiyo, your body so heaty. Come drink Liang Teh.”. How much truth do these old wives’ tales carry? Our physicians weigh in!

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Food for Health – A TCM Perspective

In our society today, endless diet plans are proposed to us everyday, be it Atkins, Paleo, Elimination and many more. It sometimes gets so confusing as to which is really doing good to our bodies.

Our views on healthy food change all the time, and are mostly dependent on the newest Western clinical research findings. We all understand about basic food nutrition components such as fats, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins. But everyday there are studies that introduce something new and diet theories that get debunked.

So what should we really eat?

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