The 3 Body Types Prone to Weight Gain/ Obesity

3 Body types Prone to Weight Gain Obesity

Losing weight should not be done solely for vanity purposes, but for health and the prevention of diseases. Not only does obesity affect your appearance, but it also increases the risk of developing certain conditions such as diabetes, hyperlipidaemia, hypertension, arteriosclerosis (heart disease), fatty liver, infertility etc.

From TCM’s perspective, excess fats are mostly due to ‘dampness’ and ‘phlegm’ in the body. Our spleen oversees the transportation and transformation of food and our body fluids. Over time, due to inactivity and excessive intake of sweet, fried and greasy food, or even stress can result in stagnation of ‘qi’ and the spleen becomes less efficient in its function. As a result, ‘dampness’ and ‘phlegm’ accumulate and turn into fatty tissues.

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Coping with a Stiff Neck

Ever woke up with a neck pain that restricts your neck movement for even up to a week? For some, such discomfort could even be accompanied by a headache, shoulder or arm pain.

The Cause

Stiff neck might be caused by:
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All you need to know about Ba Guan (Cupping)

If you followed Rio 2016, you may have noticed the cupping spots on Michael Phelps and some of the athletes. However, this ‘trending’ therapy is not new. Egyptians had been using it from as early as 1550 BC.

There are different types of cupping techniques such as the stationary cupping, massage cupping, flash cupping, wet cupping and acupuncture cupping. More than one technique may be used in combination for different medical conditions. It is commonly used to provide drug-free pain relief for muscle ache/strain, combat acne, obesity, shingles, upper respiratory syndrome, headache, menstrual cramp, gastrointestinal problems, as well as maintain general wellness.

How does cupping help?

Cupping is able to aid in such medical conditions due to its ability to:
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