A foresight on short-sightness: Slowing the progression of Myopia

Do you know that in Singapore, 1 in every 2 children develops myopia (short-sightedness) by the time they turn 12 years old?

While wearing spectacles is being regarded as a norm in Singapore, the rising prevalence of children being myopic is worrying. Myopia is generally known to be harmless but the majority does not know that high myopia may be associated with other eye problems like posterior vitreous detachment, myopic macular degeneration, peripheral retinal breaks, degeneration and retinal detachment, glaucoma and even blindness.

Therefore, it is important, and possible, to prevent one’s eyesight from getting worse.
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Paediatric Tuina for a brainy, healthy and happy baby

Paediatric massage, or tuina, is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy for children. This technique stimulates specific acupressure points of the body that are particularly beneficial for children. It enhances a child’s energy flow (qi) and blood to harmonise the workings of the organs. It helps a child heal, stimulate growth and brain development, and enhance physical fitness and immune system.

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