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‘Heaty’ vs ‘Cooling’

You must have heard the words ‘heaty’ and ‘cooling’ before, but do you really know what it means? Do you know how it can affect your body, and are there any types of food you can take to reverse it?

What is ‘Heaty’ & ‘Cooling’?

Originating from traditional Chinese medicine theory, everything in nature is made up of a balance in yin (dark) and yang (bright) energy. ‘Heaty’ in TCM (阳盛则热) suggests that there is an excess of yang energy in the body, whereas ‘cooling’ in TCM (阴盛则寒) suggests that there is an excess of yin energy in the body.

There are two types of factors that contribute to ‘heatiness’ and ‘coldness’ – external and internal.

External factors such as weather and the food we eat can cause ‘heatiness’ / ‘coldness’ to manifest in the body. For example, eating fried or spicy foods can result in individuals developing ‘heaty’ symptoms. Being in a cold room could result in one developing ‘cooling’ symptoms.

Internal factors such as the inborn constitution of the body can also be the reason for ‘heatiness’ / ‘coldness’. For example, certain individuals who are innately ‘cooling’ would be able to snack incessantly without developing symptoms of ‘heatiness’.



When one is ‘heaty’, ‘cooling’ foods are recommended to counteract the ‘heatiness’ in the body, thus returning the balance of yin and yang energies in the system. In the same way, ‘heaty’ foods are recommended for those who have ‘cooling’ symptoms to help dispel cold and improve circulation. Balance can be seen in the way we pair our foods. For example, durians are usually eaten with mangosteen to achieve an equilibrium in energies.


Characterisation of Foods

Characterisation of Food

‘Heaty’ and ‘cooling’ foods do not represent the temperature of food, instead, they refer to the effect that the food causes on the body. For example, consuming hot desserts such as green bean soup would be recommended to someone with heaty symptoms as the dessert would generate ‘cool’ energy to counteract the ‘heatiness’, hence returning the body back to equilibrium.

It is also important to note that some individuals may experience a combination of both symptoms, and it is best to consult a TCM physician to inquire in depth about the body’s constitution. In some cases, herbal medication would be needed to restore the body back to its balanced state.


Article by Physician Sheryl Tay

Note: Information provided is not a substitute for a physician or any form of medical care. Individual symptoms differ due to different body constitutions and diagnosis. One should consult a licensed TCM practitioner for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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Physician Sheryl Tay

Physician Sheryl Tay

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Sheryl graduated with double degrees in Biomedical Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine from Nanyang Technological University and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine respectively.

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  1. Lum Kwok Leong

    Good Evening Physician Sheryl,

    Recently My wife undergo a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery on her left hand and now is recuperating. My main problem is my wife is still having pain on her body especially on her back of her neck which give her sleepless night. It had been a pain in the neck for many years till now. We had consulted many TCM physician and western doctor but in vain. Long ago my wife always feel numb on her left hand and pain in the neck until a doctor diagnose her having CPT that why her surgery come about. She is 55 year old, 1.61 m tall weight about 65 kg. last week she complained about the pain again and request to scratched her back to released heat from her body and this make her feel better and also she had bad breath on that day.(She seldom had bad breath). For that reason I looked up article relating to body heat and come across your website. I would very much appreciate if you can advice us what is wrong with my wife.

    Thank & Best Regards.


      Hi there, thank you for sharing this in detail! Do you mind submitting a photo of your wife’s tongue along with what you have described over at https://askpulsetcm.sg/? One of our physicians will get back to you on the possible treatments available based on your wife’s body constitution.

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