Cupping/Scraping treatment increases surface micro perfusion which results in pain resolution and a sense of well-being. The internal Qi flow is activated and blood circulation is enhanced, stimulating anti-inflammatory effects. This treatment removes knotted nerves and blockages, resolves ‘internal organ’ dysfunction and aids tissue recovery process. At PULSE, our physicians employ a variety of cupping techniques for specific needs:

  1. Stationary cupping – the glass cups rest on a specific area for 5-15minutes to allow for deep muscle stimulation.
  2. Flash cupping – cups are rapidly applied and removed over tense muscles to strengthen relief of blood stasis.
  3. Glide cupping – cups glide over a specific meridian pathway or muscle groups to enhance muscular relaxation.
  4. Blood-letting cupping – to release the build up of toxins, edema and stasis on chronic problem areas.

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