Acupuncture Slimming consists of using hair-thin needles placed at specific acupoints in the body to aid in weight management.

Why Acupuncture Slimming?

(1) Boosts Metabolism

(2) Suppresses Appetite

(3) Natural

There are countless of metabolism boosters supplement in the market. However, as your metabolism is being boosted, you’ll have the tendency to get hungrier faster, and in turn, eat more – which defeats the purpose of boosting your metabolism in the first place. With PULSE’s Acupuncture Slimming, your appetite is being suppressed while your metabolism is being boosted. In this case, not only do you burn more calories, you also consume less calories.

Acupuncture Slimming is also natural as the series of treatments will gradually readjust and accelerate your body’s own natural digestive & fat-burning process.

So, why at PULSE?

(1) Performed by certified physicians

(2) New disposable needles

(3) No downtime

(4) Clean & chic environment

Herbal medication may also be prescribed in accordion to an individual’s body constitution to aid the regulation of ‘internal organs’ for a holistic modulation of the underlying condition.

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